Her feet hurt. For years (s)he had to walk on cobblestones, delivering firewood.

I was giving a workshop at a large state university in a nearby state. I had spent the better part of the day talking about Life Memory Recall© and answering questions from the group. As a group, I had also taken everyone back to a couple of past lives and the in-between state. Then we shared some of the experiences they had in their lives.

When we finished sharing, I asked if anyone would like to volunteer to be taken back to a past life for some difficulty which they were having today. Perhaps there was some illness or problem they wished to eliminate in front of the group, as part of the demonstration for the workshop.

For years this young boy carried wood on his back into the city of London on cobblestone streets, making him lame.One hand popped up immediately, waving at me like crazy. She kept saying, me, me, me, take me. Please. Please. So, I brought her up and asked what the problem was she wanted to cure or solve. She told us that she had been going to different podiatrists for years with foot problems. Her feet just hurt. They could never find anything wrong with her feet, and simply told her it had to be her shoes. She needed bigger shoes. She came forward, and I saw this petite woman wearing very large shoes. As she said, "I feel like a circus clown who has to wear huge shoes.”

I sat her down, brought her into a peaceful hypnotic state, and regressed her back to a time in her past that was affecting her feet today. She had been a young boy living in England in the 1500-1600 time period. His father was a woodcutter, who would gather wood, and then this young boy would carry it on his back into the city of London. For years, he carried wood into London over cobble-stoned streets, all year long. In Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter, bare-foot. By his early to mid-teens, he was a cripple and could barely walk. At age 17, he was completely unable to walk. Another very important piece of his story was that he felt his father no longer loved him because he could no longer help support the family.

At this point in the regression, the young boy died, releasing this past life peacefully for this young woman at the workshop. I brought her out of hypnosis, and we talked about this experience for awhile, and the young lady answered questions from the group. The workshop lasted for about another hour. As the group finally began to leave, this young woman came running back in, saying, "I can not believe it. My feet are starting to feel much better already. I am going out and buying myself some real shoes that fit and look good. No more clowns shoes for me."

He could not speak in front of people because he would start speaking with a French accent.

A gentleman came into my office to see me. He was well-dressed and very professional-looking. As I was taking to him and taking his history and background, I noticed a French accent popping in. The accent was not there all of the time, but it would keep popping in and out every so often. It was a very pleasant accent, although it seemed very strange to hear this professional speaking in perfect English, and then suddenly speaking with a French accent. After awhile, I asked him if he was originally from France or Canada. He looked at me with an odd expression on his face and said that this was the problem. The French accent. Could I do anything about it?

His accent problem was being caused by his pastHe said it was causing him great problems. He did not know where it came from. He had never been in France nor did he grow up with French speakers. He said he would be speaking to colleagues or at a business group and, suddenly, he would have a French accent. He felt that people were starting to think of him as being quite bizarre. He was afraid that visitors from France or Canada would think that he was making fun of them, and he feared losing his job if he could not get rid of his French accent.

He wanted to know if I could help him. I told him that we would work on it and that I felt it was quite possible that we could eliminate the accent.

I took him into hypnosis and he went back to the past life that was causing his accent problem. He had been a madame of a brothel in Paris in the 1800’s. She was very attractive and enjoyed her work. She came from an impoverished home as a child, and felt she now associated with customers who were often of the upper class. She was treated well now and was well-dressed, not like when she was a child. She enjoyed her position. This was who she was.

Upon remembering this lifetime, this gentleman released it, and his French accent was gone.

Shot in the chest by her husband.

At my workshops, I generally talk for a while, answer any questions from the group, and then I regress the whole group into past lives and into the in-between state. This is the time where one exists when they are between lives. After the group regression we share some of the experiences that the attendees experienced in past lives, and if they met anyone they know in the between-life stage.

Some tell about people who have passed over, and they talk with them in the between stage. That part is generally very emotional; they can meet a parent or loved one who has passed.

Her husband took a pistol and shot her in the heartDuring one particular workshop, one woman recounted what she experienced. This woman was killed by her husband when she lived in the Netherlands in or about the 1600’s. They got into an argument and, although she couldn't recall what they argued about, her husband got angry with her, so angry that he pulled out a pistol and shot her in the heart.

I asked her to stay after the others had left so I could talk with her. We talked for awhile, and she felt fine when she left.

I was holding another workshop a month later, and in walked this same young woman. I was glad to see her, and I noticed she looked radiant. She was in a very good mood. I told her that I was pleased to see her and that I was happy that she benefited from the experience that she had last time. We joked that it seemed that being shot in the heart in the 1600’s had been strangely beneficial to her.

She told me that something special happened to her a day or two after her experience of being shot in a past life. She was about to tell me what happened, but she was so excited that she wanted to share it with the whole workshop. She told them of being shot in the heart by her husband in a past life when she lived in the Netherlands. Then she proceeded to tell us of something that she never mentioned when we talked. She told us that she had been seeing doctors about pains in her heart for the past two or three years. She went from doctor to doctor, trying to find someone who could find the reason for the mysterious pain in her heart. None could find anything that could possibly explain the reason for her pain in that area.

She told everyone that, within a day or two of her past life regression experience, the pain in her heart had stopped. Not only that, but she also realized that all the symptoms of her asthma had also disappeared.

This incident happened over twenty years ago, and the last time I was in touch with her, neither the asthma nor the pain in her heart had come back.

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