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Dr. Norton BerkowitzThe Healing Power Of Our Past tells the true stories of real people who discovered a remarkable new pathway for healing, developed by two strangers who found themselves on an astonishing journey beyond time and space.

From the book

In my evolution I have become a conduit between those in need of healing and the healing process itself. This was not part of the plan when I started simply on a search for methods to help others. That my search would become a journey to developing a new healing technique, I would never have dared to imagine. That is… until the day I died.

I realized I needed more help that conventional medical procedures could offer. I needed to find my own means to heal myself. But how? I knew I needed to make changes, but where was I to start?

Dr. Berkowitz attends a book signingThis book conveys the means by which people have been healed through a new process called, Life Memory Recall© and Guided Light Therapy©. These therapies work with the understanding that past experiences leave indelible impressions on our souls that can manifest as many present-day illnesses; physical, psychological and emotional. This book weaves together the fascinating ways people's lives were improved dramatically, healing their current lives through the recall and release of past experiences - some happening centuries before!

What others are saying

“This book is filled with powerful, life-changing stories from two gifted healers. Be prepared to have this book speak to your heart and soul.” - Judi Neal, Ph. D., Executive Director, Center for Spirit at Work, & Author, Edgewalkers.

“Norton Berkowitz and Holllie Martin presents a richlly-layed, uplifting chronicle of unusual journey towards wellness. This book is must-read for anyone who has given up hope. I suspect many people while become eager to tap into their own subconscious for an effective method of healing they might have never know was possible!” - Noelle Daidone, Program Director, The Learning Annex of New York.

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